Project 4401 had a number of events pitched at different demographics in the Oakey community;

from industry conversations, schools visits, children's picture books,

podcast recording and competitions and more,

ensuring everyone had their voice heard.

Explore past events...
Create a Children's Book Workshops

Over five glorious days, children volunteered to join in workshops learning how to write, edit and appraise, and then create characters, the setting, and illustrate. 

Image by Luke Lung
Caught in 2020 Vision: Photography Competition

Take a peek at what Oakey looks like to the those who live there. 

The Iceberg... Podcast

We caught up with students from Oakey State High School to gain an insight in to their thoughts about the drought, what they would like to see happen in the future, and what influence they have to create change.

The Oakey's: Short Story Competition

Community members, young and old, were incited to share their insights into surviving drought

Girl Holding Lamb
Dealing with Adversity: a Conversation

'Are you bogged mate?" founder Mary O'brien led a conversation with Mayor Paul Antonio, QFF's Stuart Armitage, and QDO's Peter Garratt.

'The drought will break, but we won't!
Girl Drawing
May your Stories be Heard!

Workshops at primary schools throughout the district