Create a Children's Book Workshops

Workshops for writing and illustrating a children’s picture book, created by Oakey’s children to support Oakey’s children!


Children were invited to join a series of workshops, focusing initially on writing a manuscript for a children’s picture book, then creating all the elements for illustrations, and finally rendering the illustrations. Held over five epic days, Veyda Rowe (8) and William Steger (12) wrote the story, having imagined a very erstwhile character – a little alien called Glib Glob – who comes to visit earth. He is fascinated by the landscape, something the locals are not enamoured by, as drought is severely affecting the community.  The children identified that people are sad in this setting, and where there are only tokenistic things that can be done to change this, there is magic in the opportunities that come from a community gathering and banding together, united in adversity.


The illustrators Corbin McCormack (10) Taliya McBride (12) Leigha Scott (12) and Ebonie Thurston (14) created images to determine the main character, Glib Glob, and the setting as well as extra elements in the book, including the community. They also decided on the colours to be used, having experimented with skin tone, the colours of the landscape, and ways to manipulate watercolour. The double-spreads were set up with these elements by illustrator London Heir, and the children were assisted during the rendering process by Dr Tarn McLean, further adding to the extraordinary experience for them as they indeed created a children’s picture book to share with the youngest members of the community.